Lobby Exhibits

Discover the history of the USO Club, from a WWII Recreation Building to Hattiesburg’s first African American Library and Community Center.

Revolutionary War

African Americans have fought in every war since our country was founded. Learn about their first armed service in America.

Civil War

Learn about the first African American to earn the Medal of Honor. Climb atop a horse and experience the life of 19th-century Buffalo Soldiers, as they patrolled the West.

World War I

Mud, smoke and artillery—experience WWI from the trenches and through the eyes of Henry Johnson, a private in the Army.

World War II

Hattiesburg’s own Ruth Bailey Earl stands in the center as a symbol of the indomitable spirit of the African American soldier and the African American woman. Take the wheel of an army truck in a convoy along the dangerous Red Ball Express supply route. Also explore the heroic contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen.


In 1948, President Harry S. Truman issued Executive Order 9981 establishing equality in the Armed Services. Learn about this important step forward in our nation’s history.

Korean War

Hattiesburg’s Jesse L. Brown was America’s first African American naval aviator. Ensign Brown proudly stands on the deck of the USS Leyte watching his fellow F4U-4 Corsair pilots return to the ship.


Vietnam was one of the first major combat actions of an integrated military. African American soldiers played a key role in all aspects of this controversial war, where their valor shone.

Desert Storm

Desert Storm was an important war for African Americans. It proved to be successful in achieving racial and gender diversity in the military. General Colin Powell served as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during this conflict.

Global War on Terrorism

The Global War on Terrorism is an ongoing effort to decrease the indiscriminate acts of rogue terror groups. It also marks a pivotal point in American and Black military history when the United States elected its first African American Commander-in-Chief, President Barack H. Obama.

You Can Be a Soldier

Be a part of history. Guests can fill the large shoes (and uniforms) from various branches of the military.

Hattiesburg’s Hall of Honor

Hattiesburg’s Hall of Honor is a special exhibit recognizing the military contributions of African Americans from throughout Greater Hattiesburg

World Map

See where our Hattiesburg heroes have fought for freedom, and mark your own location.