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The Museum provides educational programs and resources in history, the arts, and STEM to schools, homeschool students/groups, private groups, Boy and Girl Scout troops, ROTC groups, church groups, and more. Education programs are aligned to state and national standards. They can also be customized to fit curricula needs. Programs are offered at the museum or at an offsite location.


Traveling Trunk: The Journey Through the 1940s: East 6th Street Traveling Trunk (Grades 3-8)

Journey Through the 1940s: East 6th Street Traveling Trunk includes step-by-step lesson plans, historical artifacts, portraits, books, music CDs, and other various materials for educators to use during their history instruction. Learn about World War II and the East 6th Street USO’s role as a center for African American Soldiers during this era.

Traveling Trunk: Women in the Military (Grades 3-8)

Women in the Military Traveling Trunk is a photographic exhibit. Students will learn about the service of women and their impact to the military and nation. Guest speakers are available to share their experience.

Medal of Honor Program – America’s Highest and Most Prestigious Honor for courage (Elementary-High School)

This experience is a character development program that offers students the opportunity to explore American values that are exemplified by Medal of Honor recipients.

Mission Possible: Packed Up: Ready, Set, Go (Grades 3-8)

This program is designed to teach students time management, planning, goals setting, and achievement. Students will explore each branch of the military and their missions.

Music in the Military (Elementary-Middle School)

Students will learn about African American musicians, their role in the military and the impact their music made. Students will explore different genres of music.